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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

co-written by :iconcresenta-lark: and :icontotally-espionne:

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FAQ #1: What's this group about, anyway?
FAQ #2: What do you do in this group?
FAQ #3: Why are you pairing these two characters together in the first place? They are enemies!
FAQ #4: Isn't Tim Scam, like, too OLD?
FAQ #5: You mentioned that there is canon evidence for this pairing in the show. Does it actually exist, or are you just making this up?
FAQ #6: If Sam and Tim Scam were to get together for good, how do you think it would play out?
FAQ #7: I think your group is cool and I want to join! What rules do you have?

Q: What’s this group about, anyway?

A: This is a group dedicated to the popular fan pairing of Sam and Tim Scam on the animated TV show Totally Spies, produced by Marathon Media. For those who are unfamiliar with the show or with the characters, please consult the following links for reference:

Q: What do you do in this group?

A: Since this group is hosted on DeviantART, our primary focus is fan art featuring the pairing (though there are other avenues for related creative expression, especially fanfics and fan-made videos - see details below). Due to its dynamic, intriguing nature, it’s hard for us to run out of ideas! We also have regular discussions about the pairing and the show in general (see our group journal at the bottom). Other events may be planned in the near future, such as contests or other point giveaways.

Q: Why are you pairing these two characters together in the first place? They are enemies!

A: We have received similar comments a number of times, to which the short answer is always this: they are perfect complements to one another. The long answer involves a significant amount of canon evidence for the pairing presented within the show, which form the basis of many of the discussions featured here.

In our experience, those who ask this question tend to have a very negative impression of Tim Scam, viewing him as a character who is evil through and through. However, in his very first appearance on Totally Spies in the episode “The New Jerry” (Season 1), the show’s producers leave his “evilness” on a questionable note. The flashback where the only clue about Scam's past is given is one where actions fail to match words, and Scam looks very unhappy at the memory. In fact, in the German dub of the same episode (“Der Neue Jerry”), he reveals that his “work was not properly acknowledged by the organization”, in contrast to the English dub, which paints him in a more egotistic light. A very strong possibility is that Scam may have begun as an innocent WOOHP employee, but was cheated by someone, eventually leading to his fall into the dark side.

Scam is presented as the only "rational villain" who wants only revenge on WOOHP. Unlike the show’s other villains, he is not crazy, nor driven by greed or lust. All he wants is to destroy WOOHP, and one has to wonder why a relatively sane, highly intelligent man is so bent on spending his life to take down WOOHP when he could be doing anything else. Clear undertones of some kind of dark past are present, providing some possible clues of Scam's not being so "evil" after all. This aspect of his personality appeals greatly to those fans who want a "nice" Tim Scam.

Q: Isn't Tim Scam, like, too OLD?

A: Surprisingly, we get this question far more times than we expect! The answer is an unequivocal NO. Tim Scam's profile on the Totally Spies wiki (linked above) states that he is in his 30's, and their first encounter in "The New Jerry" (Season 1) shows Sam being able to drive, and doing so at late hours. According to California law, this would only be possible if the driver was at least 17 years old. This would certainly not make Scam say old enough to be Sam's father - in fact, her real father is shown to be much older in "The Wedding Crasher" (Season 6).

While Sam says in the same episode that Tim Scam was fired from WOOHP "20 years ago", this is most likely not the correct timeline for the show, owing to the fact that the episode was only the second one ever to air and the producers were likely still figuring out the sequence of events. Scam's flashback is presumably from 20 years ago and shows a visibly balding, middle-aged Jerry; yet in many later episodes, especially "I Hate The Eighties" (Season 4), Jerry's younger self from 20 years ago sports thick blonde hair.

Additionally, it is very possible Scam is even younger than 30. While the spies in Totally Spies were in their mid- to late teens when they started their spy careers, Jerry has been shown to recruit much younger agents (10-12 years of age) in "The Amazing Spiez!" (Totally Spies' spinoff show). Since Scam is highly intelligent and a scientific genius, it is more than possible he was a child prodigy and worked for Jerry at a very young age. After all, little is known about his past and how long he worked at WOOHP; all we know was when he was apparently fired. While the flashback of Scam being fired doesn't show him to appear 10-11 years old, the flashback can hardly be seen as credible as the Scam in the flashback looks identical to Tim Scam in his first appearance, an appearance which was supposedly 20 years after the scene in the flashback. Again Scam seems to more correctly be in his early thirties at the most.

Lastly, in the episode "Mommies Dearest", upon coming out of her hypnotized state and seeing Scam, Alex's mother says he seems like a "nice, young man" and suggests he'd be a good match for her daughter who she wants to help find a boyfriend. Alex is the youngest in the trio of spies, the fact that her mother thought Scam was fit for her daughter pretty much puts to rest that Scam is very much older than Sam or any of the girls, especially seeing Alex only denies Scam being a "nice man" and not a "young one." After all a parent would not refer to someone their own age as "young" and fitting for their child to be in a relationship with.

Q: You mentioned that there is canon evidence for this pairing in the show. Does it actually exist, or are you just making this up?

A: The answer: yes, it certainly exists, and there is MUCH more of it than you’d expect! The following paragraphs will provide a rundown of its numerous instances. Keep in mind that these are just a few, brief examples of the extensive list of “moments” that hint towards a relationship - or at the very least, romantic tension or unresolved feelings - that exist between the super-spy Samantha Simpson and the enigmatic villain Tim Scam.

When Tim Scam was first introduced in “The New Jerry” (Episode 2 of Season 1 of Totally Spies), Sam developed a heavy crush on him. All throughout the episode she openly complimented him (to a much greater extent than her friends), calling him ‘cool’, ‘smart’, and ‘cute’ among many other things. She also bought him a gift, and he remains to date the only romantic interest of hers for whom she has done so. Finally, in the same episode when she learned Scam was evil, she showed regret at the truth and having to end her feelings for him with the words, “You seemed so smart - but now I see that you’re just another run-of-the-mill terrorist.”

In response to Sam telling him that it was “over” between them, Scam seemed stunned to learn she had feelings for him and said nothing, simply carrying on with his plan and seemingly ignoring what Sam said. Now while Scam has still not addressed Sam’s crush on him despite the show being currently in its 6th season, and Sam has supposedly “moved on”, there has been plenty of other evidence in subsequent episodes that the two actually do feel something for each other still. In total, no less than 5 of Sam's solid crushes resemble Tim Scam by having the same hair color, eye color, tan skin tone and muscular body. Examples include James, David, Dean, the guy from "Nature Nightmare" (Season 2), the boy from “Vide-o-No!” (Season 6) and much more.

This kind of evidence is found continually throughout nearly every appearance Scam makes on the show, as well as various other episodes. Notable moments include Scam outright calling Sam beautiful in the Spanish dub of the episode "The New Jerry" (Season 1), the very physical fight between them and Sam closing her eyes when Scam is attacked by her and her friends' mothers after his plan goes wrong in “Mommies Dearest” (Season 2), and Tim Scam choosing to walk into Jerry’s office with an evil clone of Sam he “accidentally” created by his side which happened to have Sam’s characteristics in "Morphing Is Sooo 1987" (Season 3). The aforementioned instance comes along with the fact that despite Scam telling Jerry, Clover and Alex that he "doesn't care" where Sam is while he has his Scamlar clones attack them and attempt to kill them, Sam remains locked up safely in her school's science lab. As Scam walked into Jerry's office with the same Sam clone that locked Samantha in there, it would be very unlikely that Scam truly didn't know that the real Sam was locked away, despite his claim otherwise. Additionally, Sam is shown clearly admiring Scam's intelligence despite knowing he is her enemy when she says "wow" while studying his Scamlar in her school lab despite her friends being right there with her.

Another noteworthy moment is found at the beginning of "The O.P." (Season 4) when Clover lists her characteristics of her "ideal man", which happens to sound exactly like Tim Scam (blue-green eyes, strong but gentle, artistic but with an advanced grasp of natural and applied science, buff but not bulky, likes dogs, name starts with a "T"). As Sam reads Clover’s list, she is gushing, and after hearing practically a complete description of Tim Scam from her friend as her "perfect guy", Sam tells Clover she's being "picky" in a somewhat irritated manner, as if to dissuade her from looking for or finding such a man. After the computer tells Clover such a man does not exist for her, Sam is shown laughing to herself.

Also in Season 4 is the episode "I Hate The Eighties", where Scam is the only person who notices that Sam was not hit by his teammate's Eightifier gun, despite the fact that there were other people watching via a live feed. In "Evil Jerry" (Season 4), he releases only Sam from her chair after the spies are captured, and he is shown smirking in the background when he believes Sam has become evil like him.

One more key moment is found right in "The New Jerry" when Sam reveals to Scam her crush on him. Despite normally presenting himself to be be a sarcastic, cocky and careless person, where after Samantha reveals her crush on him, despite having her trapped and having the clear opportunity to laugh at her over her feelings for him (her enemy) especially now that his plan is close to reaching fruition, he doesn't humiliate her. Instead he chooses to say nothing about the matter and lets her get her confession out of her system without commenting on it at all. He also never once came back and nagged her about her crush in a later episode. Any other reason for not insulting her over her feelings for him in the past besides the fact that he does indeed care for her seems questionable as Scam has not showed this kind of compassion or understanding to anyone else but Samantha.

These moments have provided the backdrop and inspiration for a lot of great artwork, fan-videos and fanfics found all over the web, and also both here on DeviantART and, where the Sam/Scam pairing continues to dominate the Totally Spies category year in and out. The support for this pairing has greatly increased since its beginnings, and every day it continues to grow as more and more people come to see just what makes it so valid and unique.

Q: If Sam and Tim Scam were to get together for good, how do you think it would play out?

A: There are two possible routes, both involving Scam's personality. There is a lot of potential with Scam as he is at the present, evil with a unclear past who is hinted to have hidden feelings for Sam regardless. The alternative, which is equally possible, is a nice Tim Scam who comes with endless possibilities and a drama-free chance with Sam, who only left him because he was declared evil and didn't state any other reason but that to let him go. In both scenarios Sam/Scam is more than possible.

Q: I think your group is cool and I want to join! What rules do you have?

A: We are glad you think so! Our aim here is to create a supportive place for like-minded fans. There are no official rules for the group, except for the following: be nice. That's really all that's needed. :)

We hope you enjoy the discussions, artwork and contests that will be coming up soon to celebrate different group milestones and this red-hot fan pairing, which we hope will be fully realized in the canon episodes. :nod:

Thank you for joining us! :heart:


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We think it's time for a new topic, so here is a question: What personality trait do you like BEST about Tim Scam and Sam? :)

I'll start.

For Sam, I think I love her leadership skills the best. She usually is the one taking care of business in missions and figuring things out while keeping the others on track.

For's much harder to choose but I think I love his determination/drive best. Scam NEVER gives up. Never once in all his appearances have we seen him giving up on his goals no matter how hard it gets sometimes. That's probably what I admire most about him.

So what do you like best in each of our fav characters? Tell us, we want to know! :dance:
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